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20 pcs set

20 pcs Knife Set

The 20-piece knife set is the ultimate collection for any serious chef because it comprises all the knives and tools that one needs to prepare both simple and sophisticated menus.

The included bamboo wood storage block has two detachable pieces that feature multiple wide ports suitable for holding each of the knives in this set. One piece has a vertical wooden stand with a flat top surface that holds the knife in the vertical position. A slanted wooden piece also extends from the vertical stand and has a wide opening that holds three knives exposing their blades for easy selection when picking a knife from the set. The other piece detaches from the main piece of the block and has a slanted front surface that holds four knives and four more knives on the sloped left side.

13 pcs set

13pc Knife Block Set

The ultimate kitchen knife set! Removable steak knife block. Non serrated steak knives. Great combination of knives for every use. Bamboo block resists bacteria.

sportsman set

Sportsman Pro Series 

  • 2 piece bamboo block

  • 6 x 5” Steak/Dining knives – in front detachable knife block holder

  • 6” Easy Blade – for bread, cheese & easy slicing of most anything

  • 8” Santoku – a great all-rounder that will happily tackle large jobs

  • 6” Boning knife – makes boning meat hassle free and rewarding

  • 7’ Filet knife – a flexible blade that will handle any fish or tender meat

  • 3.5” Paring knife – perfect for fruit and veg, peeling and stringing

German steel

German Steel

High Carbon Stainless Steel for a Lasting Edge


Custom Laser Engraving

The Perfect Gift for Families, Friends, or Clients

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