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Premium water
Drinking water
big blue
whole house

​      Features:

  • 3-Stage whole house water filter system effectively removes Chlorine, Lead, Iron, Dirt, Sand, Silt, Rust, Odors, VOCs, Hydrogen Sulfide and much more

  • This point-of-entry system is installed at the main water supply line to deliver clean and healthy water for washing, bathing and cooking

  • 1st stage pleated sediment filter is washable and reusable for extended life service and exceptional dirt holding capacity

  • 2nd stage KDF85 filter captures Chlorine, Iron, Lead, Hydrogen Sulfide and other heavy metal contaminants

  • 3rd stage Softener Cartridge, prevent scale and calcium build up, keeping your appliances and plumbing safe.  

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty 

  • Filter up to 100, 000 gallons of water before changing the cartridges

  • Durable, Highest Quality 20 Inch Big Blue filter housings

  • Works for well water or city water

  • NSF Certified

5 stage reverse osmosis

Reverse Osmosis


  • NSF listed 4 gallon United Tanks™ storage tank with

  • Stainless steel port & original JG heavy duty ball valve

  • JG Quick connect NSF fittings featuring Prolock™

  • With manual flush to remove Carbon fines at time of installation

  • Attractive euro-soft extra tall faucet

  • Automatic Shut-off Valve (when tank is full)

  • Built-in Pressure Gauge for Performance Monitoring

  • Color Coded Tubing for Easier Installation

  • Inlet Feed Ball Valve for Easier Maintenance

  • Complete Installation Kit and Instructions Manual

  • Limited Lifetime warranty

  • Made of high quality certified & listed parts and components

  • NSF certified

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